I’m articulate, poised, flirtatious and engaging with an honest, easy-going and positive personality. I crave action movies, exciting or smutty novels, and have a love of all things nerdy!! I adore the company of temperate and charismatic gentlemen… I can guarantee the time we share together will be both memorable and delightful! But, you might still have some questions…

How do I book an appointment? Am I your type of client?


Privacy, safety and discretion are my top priority, as it’s crucial for both of us to feel relaxed and comfortable during our correspondence and date together.  After exchanging standard screening information and getting to know each other, we can schedule a meeting. We will meet at my cozy downtown apartment or a luxury hotel of your choice if you find it more convenient. Advance bookings always work best with my busy schedule

When emailing me, please include your:

Name, age, mobile number, handles to screening sites, two provider references (name, email & phone number), and the date, time, and length of desired appointment.

I understand that there are those of you who are new, and I’m certainly willing to make exceptions. Please e-mail me and we will work out the details.  Once we have confirmed the date and time, I’ll post you in my calendar.  A day before our appointment I will e-mail you all the information you’ll need to meet me at my place. If I’m meeting you at your at your hotel, I’ll need you to e-mail me your information.

I’m only available at my beautiful, downtown incall apartment two days a month right now, due to my busy schedule.  However I am a little more flexible for outcalls when I have free time, please e-mail to inquire.


I treat my safety and discretion very carefully, I know how important it is to maintain a high level of privacy, so please be assured I will keep all your information just as secure and confident as my own.  I keep my email inbox as purged as possible.

I prefer to spend my time with gentlemen 40 years and older

I prefer companions, who are a little older, educated, sophisticated, and accomplished.  I’m very sorry if this prohibits you from seeing me, and I do hope you find another lovely lady to spend your valuable time with.

You can contact me to book a session here.

What services do you provide?

All donations are strictly for my time and companionship.  I believe we should enjoy exploring the chemistry and magnetic attraction that forms between us as naturally as possible.  I can assure you that you will feel the same type of intimacy that you would get from a girlfriend, who is always happy to see you.  Safe practices are absolutely necessary.

Social time.

I’m more than happy to meet with you for a cup of coffee or lunch, but please keep in mind that social time is still compensated.  My time is just as valuable as yours, and even though we may get along wonderfully, please don’t expect our time together to be “off the clock”.  As a cultivated companion, I would like to keep our interactions well defined; so we can circumnavigate any drama which may arise when boundaries get skewed.

Extending our time together.

Because I’m part time and have other commitments, it would be best to plan ahead and ask before our appointment.

Are you a Girlfriend Experience?

I’m passionate with a playful sense of humour, as long as you treat me like a lady, I’ll reciprocate in kind.  I’m the best kind of girlfriend, one who is always happy to see you and who never complains about your socks on the floor!!

Can I bring wine to our date?

Of course! I enjoy sweet Moscato wine, but please bring a bottle of something that you enjoy as well.  Please make sure that anything you bring along is sealed and un-opened.  This goes for anything you bring along ex. Chocolate, coffee etc

When are you available?

Due to my busy schedule I am strictly a part-time companion, and am rarely, if ever, available on short notice.  I do all of my scheduling via email only and preferably with advanced notice.  I will do my best to find a time that works for both of us.  I have two set days a month for in-call appointments, email me to inquire about what days I’m available.

Do you offer half hour appointments?

No.  I have a limited amount of time and I prefer to make the most of it by only providing sessions that are an hour or longer.  Please do not attempt to negotiate my donation, it’s disrespectful and I will cease all communication.

Are you available for same day outcall appointments?

Unfortunately I am unable to host last minute requests.  This is part time for me and I have other commitments in my personal life.  The more advanced notice I have, the more prepared I can be, and the more enjoyable the experience for both of us.

Will you travel to see me or do you do overnight appointments?

Yes, if I have the free time I would love to spend the evening with you. Or in the case of traveling, enjoying your respective city with you.

Are you bisexual?

Yes, I love the curve of a woman’s hips and round behind, the weight and fullness of her breasts in my hands, the taste and tantalizing softness of her skin along my lips.  I enjoy women as much as men.  I would be delighted to see you and the lady in your life or I’d be happy to bring my beautiful girlfriend to join us.

Do you see couples?

Absolutely!!! Meeting and spending time with those of you in stable and loving relationships is definitely one of my favorite things.  My time with couples always fills me with excitement and passion.  Our time will be filled with laughter, and a sense of familiarity while exploring new, prurient adventures!

Who are your primary duo partners?

I am as selective with the ladies that I work with as I am with the gentlemen I entertain, chemistry is key in a duo, so I only offer duos with ladies I know well.  My duo partners are Sweet Bree and Megan O’Connor.  When booking a duo please give us as much notice as possible.  It can be difficult to schedule a time and day that works for all three of us.

What do you expect of your clients?

I expect clients…

  •  To have excellent hygiene – I understand that after a long day at work, you might not be at your freshest, so please make use of the facilities provided.  My washroom is fully stocked with any toiletries you may need. If you’ve already showered before meeting with me, please wash your hands when you arrive.  You’ve touched door handles, elevator buttons and numerous other things on your way over to me.
  • To have fresh, minty breath-please use the mouth wash provided in the washroom.
  • To be punctual – Neither early nor late- my time is valuable as I have a very busy schedule.
  • To respect my boundaries.
  • To be VERY discrete, in communications, within my building, and in any post-session commentary.

Can you send me a picture of your face?

No, absolutely not. I have hidden my face for discretionary reasons. I’m sure you understand.  I have fair skin, delicate features, beautiful brown eyes and luscious lips.  All of this is crowned by a full head of flowing, long red locks.

What if I see you around the city?

If we happen to see each other out around town later on, I will not wave, say hi, or initiate conversation, and I expect the same consideration.   I’m a very discrete lady, so please respect my privacy as I do yours.

Can I post a review of my time with you?

Reviews can be wonderful!!  However please refrain from divulging any private information I may disclose to you, or posting any identifying descriptions on the boards.  I’m sure you can understand why I ask for this courtesy, as we are both trying to maintain some anonymity.

Can I bring you a gift?

I love gifts, however they are not required or expected but always appreciated. If you find yourself in the mood to spoil me, I would be overjoyed to receive something from you.  If you need an idea, I would be very pleased to get a gift certificate or item from any of the following:

  • Lulu Lemon
  • Changes Lingerie
  • Chapters
  • A gift certificate from any outdoor store.